Teapot for Deep Steamed Green Tea
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      Teapot for Deep Steamed Green Tea

      Experience the art of Japanese tea brewing with our handcrafted teapot from Tokoname, Japan. This teapot is meticulously designed to optimize the brewing of deep-steamed green tea (fukamushi-cha), although it is equally effective with all types of green teas, including gyokuro. Its versatility makes it perfect for both personal use and hosting, capable of brewing single cups or multiple servings with ease.

      A standout feature of this Tokoname teapot is the innovative built-in stainless steel infuser screen, strategically placed to cover only a small area inside the spout. This design is particularly effective at preventing the fine, sometimes dust-like particles of fukamushi tea leaves from escaping into the cup, a common issue with other teapots.

      With a capacity of 11 ounces (320ml), this teapot not only provides functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your tea time, embodying the traditional craftsmanship of Tokoname pottery. It's an essential for any green tea enthusiast looking to enhance their brewing process and enjoy the full flavor and aroma of their favorite teas.

      Score: 4.83 (votes: 6)
      Reviews: 6
      • ¥4,100 JPY
      • 41   – Reward points

      Product questions

      • Leo Kong
        Aug 1, 2020, 00:49

        What type of paint is used to color the outside with green color and flowers? How stable is the paint color over time?

        Kevin Moore
        Aug 1, 2020, 01:29

        I'm not sure what type of paint they use but no one has ever mentioned that the pain has come off so I think it's baked in.

      • Leo Kong
        Jul 31, 2020, 04:06

        Should the plastic protector on the spout be removed before use? If so, what is the best way to do this?

        Kevin Moore
        Jul 31, 2020, 09:13

        That's put there on purpose to help it flow, you don't have to remove it but you can if you want to.

      • Hannes
        Dec 3, 2019, 11:48

        I have been using a teapot with fine metal sieve for years and now it is becoming more and more blocked. How can I clean it?

        Kevin Moore
        Dec 3, 2019, 12:01

        Soak it in some water with a bit of bleach for a few hours, use a toothbrush, dry it out, use a tooth brush again after it's totally dry. That should do it.

        Do not remove the screen, they're very hard, if not impossible to get back in correctly.

      • Sharon
        Dec 20, 2018, 13:08

        Does this teapot have a handle and if not, how does one pour the tea without burning one's hands?

        Kevin Moore
        Dec 20, 2018, 14:57

        Yes, it has a handle. If you look at the picture you can see it coming off at an upward angle from the back.

      Customer reviews
      Average rating:
      4.83(Votes: 6)
      Rating of votes (6)
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      • Leo Kong
        Aug 5, 2020, 22:51
        Strainer: some may prefer clay strainer but this is a very fine strainer, great for broken leaves. I do notice that every time i brew, some broken pieces get stuck either in the meshwork or the crevice between the mesh and the ceramic bump at the bottom holding the mesh in place. To deal with this, my daily after use cleaning process is as follows
        1. Fill pot with running water from the spout side with lid closed
        2. Shake pot up and down and from different angles while lid is closed
        3. Pour out water from the top
        4. Repeat 1-3 at least 3x
        5. Check to see where there are fragments and take them out with a toothpick. I find this works well.
        6. Rinse one more time from spout.
        7. Fill with hot water used to brew tea (either spring or filtered)
        8. Close lid and pour more of this hot water all around it. Let sit for 5 minutes
        9. Drain and dry in air

        Spout: i removed the plastic nub because it looked ugly. Still pours perfectly fine, except there is now occasionally a drop of water that slides down from spout after a pour. For me, this is acceptable.

        Lid: during pour, liquid can come out from lid if poured too quickly. This means the lid and and the pot are not designed to have a perfect fit. For the low price, this is acceptable

        Balance: overall balance is adequate. Note that the pot doesn't pass the handle test (cannot stand the pot from the handle). This is acceptable, considering the low price.

        Aesthetics: very refreshing green matte color on the exterior. The flower designs are vernal and cute.

        Construction and material: as expected for this type of pot, has low heat retention relative to yixing. After 3 brews, the pot smells seasoned, but does not impact the taste of the tea. When struck, the sound is dull and does not chime for long, indicating a relatively medium quality of firing process and clay. These are all acceptable and fully adequate for brewing japanese green tea.

        Overall: very good pot for the price, and ideal for brewing deep steamed tea, as advertised.
      • Sean
        Nov 26, 2017, 07:04
        This is a great teapot. It's the perfect size for 1-2 people, and it's what I will recommend to anyone looking for a pot for green tea.
      • Ricardo
        Mar 25, 2017, 05:29
        The fact that I ordered this kyusu twice – I dropped the first one – says it all. A nice handmade kyus for a decent price. You can use it for all kinds of green tea.
      • Brent Figol
        Apr 24, 2016, 02:30
        I decided to purchase a second kyusu for deep steamed tea and larger servings than my existing can make. This is a nicely made pot that is attractive and well priced.

        I find myself using this pot more than I expected. The large lid makes cleaning easy. The screen cleans easily with a stream of water from the tap. I find myself reaching for this pot over my smaller kyusu even when I want a small single serving or a light steamed sencha..
      • John Priestley II
        Mar 3, 2015, 23:23
        This fukamushi teapot from Tokoname is as attractive as it is functional. It does an excellent job of steeping the tea to perfection and straining the tea from the leaves. While it is for deep-steamed teas, it can also be used for other green tea types.
      • Jamie Trusty
        Nov 24, 2011, 08:00
        This teapot is perfectly adequate for brewing any kind of green tea. The style is charming and simple, the clay is fairly porous and terracotta-like and the mesh strainer is fine enough to work with fukamushi but coarse enough not to get clogged. The one small drawback is that the strainer is not removable and the tea pot requires an occasional soaking to remove the tiny tea particles that get stuck where they can't easily be rinsed out. Great value, and I am considering buying a second one.
        • Art.-Nr.
        • Gewicht
          262 g
      • Material
      • Clay Color
      • Infuser Screen
        Stainless inner spout cover
      • Locality/Style
      • Useful for
        Deep-steamed green tea & general green tea brewing - all types
      • Volume
        #18 (320ml/11oz)
      • Glazed

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