Kiri no Mori Uji Matcha
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Ratings and Reviews of Uji Match Kiri no Mori

Score: 4.92 (votes: 63)
Reviews: 61
Score: 4.92 (votes: 63)
Reviews: 61
Rating of votes (63)
Customer reviews
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  • Anonymous reviewer
    Feb 28, 2012, 08:00
    I gave a comparison to this to the much "higher quality" to the Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme and what I found out is that this one stayed fresher. Now, I have downed a few containers of $26 matcha before and let me tell you, this tends to beat them, I can only speculate but the emphasis must be on freshness. To clarify how good this one is, it is not as good as the Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme but better than any organic loose leaf tea or generic ground tea powder. 

    I would have to agree with a reviewer here, the 'slight' bitterness is almost enjoyable.
  • Jamie Trusty
    Jan 20, 2011, 08:00
    Very happy I bought this because I read the reviews and I was impressed. Its very good, excellent for the price. Makes a very drinkable everyday usucha.
  • David Britton
    Dec 2, 2010, 08:00
    I haven't had Kiri no Mori for over a year and because I frequently recommend it to others I thought I should try it again. It's exactly as I remembered; very fresh, bright green in color, along with a very sweet aroma and taste. This confirmed my opinion that this is by far the best value in any matcha that I have ever tried. This is a very good matcha in absolute terms but is a steal at this low price!
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Oct 26, 2010, 09:00
    The Matcha is really fresh and the taste is real good. It is also very affordable and definitely worth the price for such good quality.
  • Tera Burris
    Oct 9, 2010, 09:00
    Upon opening the can this matcha immediately releases a lovely sweet aroma. The colour is a beautiful bright green. It's also quite easy to prepare, I find it's not very sensitive to the powder to water ratio as long as I get it kind of close. Taste is sweet, creamy and vegetal and it's always topped with a nice thick layer of foam from whisking. Other matcha I have tried in the budget price range does not foam so nicely.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Aug 12, 2009, 09:00
    I wanted to buy some matcha for my morning ritual green tea smoothies. The powdered sencha, I'm sure, is awfully nice, but this being only $5 more, I gave it a try. The flavor/aroma is perfect and it has the versatility to be used straight up as hot beverage.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Aug 1, 2009, 09:00
    Out of four matcha products under $19 per ounce I've tried so far (three from, and one from another company), this is my favorite. It's much better than I expected for the price, and I'm very happy with it.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Mar 8, 2009, 09:00
    I have been drinking Matcha for the last 2-3 years and by far this is the best Matcha at this price.

    I have tried several other brands, from other sources and nothing compares to the freshness of O-Cha's Kiri-No-Mori. 

    I have not tried to other matcha however.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Mar 3, 2009, 08:00
    Kiri-No-Mori is the very best usucha I have used. It has beautiful color and an intricate aroma. It is by far the best value of any matcha I have seen. O-Cha really takes care of their tea. Other matcha I have received from other stores has been lumpy and not so fresh.
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Feb 5, 2009, 08:00
    This is the best matcha value I have come across so far, and I doubt I'll find a better value in my lifetime. I've recently tried matcha from another vendor, and although it was a decent value in it's own way, I couldn't wait to for this to arrive.

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