Shincha - The very first harvest of the year which is directly packaged and put up for immediate sale without ever going into cold storage. While first harvest green tea is available throughout the year, shincha (a special type of first harvest green tea) is only available from late April thru about the middle of July. Now is your chance to obtain the freshest green tea one can purchase at any time of the year!

Note regarding "shincha" gyokuro and matcha. Every year when shincha comes out we are asked a multitude of times when shincha gyokuro or shincha matcha will come out. We understand this would be a natural thing to expect, however, while gyokuro and matcha leaf is harvested in late April to early May like regular first harvest sencha, the normal procedure is to age the leaf of these products for a few months for optimum taste. This is why they are normally released in the fall and not spring. Although you can enjoy them earlier, until they are aged properly they will have a somewhat "green" taste to them.

We do not sell or hype "shincha matcha" or "shincha gyokuro."  We might put up the current year's harvest up for sale before fall, but that would only be because the remaining, more preferred inventory from the prior year has completely run out before fall. We do not, however, market it as "shincha" in any way, shape, or form.