The very first harvest of the year which is directly packaged and put up for immediate sale without ever going into cold storage. While first harvest green tea is available throughout the year, shincha (a special type of first harvest green tea) is only available from late April thru about the middle of July. Now is your chance to obtain the freshest green tea one can purchase at any time of the year!

Regarding "shincha" gyokuro and matcha. Gyokuro and matcha leaf is usually harvested in May just like regular first harvest sencha. However, the normal procedure is to age the leaf of these products for a few months for optimum taste. This is why they are normally released in the fall and not spring. Although you can enjoy them earlier, until they are aged properly they will have a somewhat "green" taste to them. During the summer the current year's gyokuro is often blended with the previous year's leaf when supplies or the previous year's tea are in low supply and won't last until fall. There is nothing wrong with these teas, even though they are not at their peak quality.  However, they are not really "shincha".

We have seen instances of companies selling products labeled as "shincha" in February of the following year.

It is the policy of to not market "shincha matcha", "shincha gyokuro", or especially "shincha bancha" (a second or third harvest tea).


2020 Shincha Notes 

All teas listed below are currently classified as shincha, even if they are labeled as sencha

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  • Uji Shincha Kirameki

    • A Tsuen Tea!
    • Shincha!

    (Sold out for 2020)


    It's our pleasure to be able to offer the outstanding Uji Shincha Kirameki.   While most of our teas have both a shincha and non-shincha version, this is the one tea we release just once a year during shincha season, and when when supplies run out, it will not be available again for another year.  Our supplier, the Tsuen teashop in Uji Japan, will then released a very similar product under the name Ujibashi San no Ma when shincha season has finished, but they are not the exact blend.

    From Japan's oldest teashop, Tsuen Tea, operating continuously from the same location on the banks of the Uji river for over 859+ years. This item uses select 100% Uji grown, Yabukita leaves from the first harvest and is lightly steamed sencha (asamushi). It yields a very wonderful nice grassy aroma and is a very classy green tea.

    Here is your chance to try some of the best of what Japan has to offer in Japanese green tea.

    Available in 100 gram packages.

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