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        Chiyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

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            Japanese Made Tea Whisk For Matcha

            Handmade Quality from Nara, Japan

            Our Japanese made tea whisk for matcha, consisting of 65-72 prongs, is meticulously handcrafted in Nara, Japan. Unlike the common imports from China, our whisks are authentic and made with traditional techniques passed down through generations. There are over 120 different types of Nara tea whisks, each varying in material, shape, and number of splines. These variations depend on the tea school, the type of matcha (thick or thin) being prepared, and other factors. We selected this particular chasen for its versatility and suitability for general-purpose matcha drinking.

            Meet Our Bamboo Tea Whisk Supplier

            Our bamboo tea whisks are crafted by the renowned Kubo family near Nara, Japan. You can watch them in action in this detailed YouTube video, showcasing the intricate process of making these exquisite whisks. View detailed images and video here.

            Japanese vs. Chinese Tea Whisks

            Most tea whisks available on the market are Chinese-made imitations, not authentic Japanese products. China produces these whisks primarily for export, including to Japan itself. The craftsmanship of Japanese whisks starts with a sharp knife to precisely chip the end of the bamboo, resulting in a clean, sharp break. In contrast, Chinese whisks are often made with a file, leading to shorter-lasting prong tips.

            The bamboo used in Japanese tea whisks is of superior quality, dried for over a year without fungicides, ensuring durability and safety. While a genuine Japanese made tea whisk for matcha may cost two to three times more than its Chinese counterpart, it offers unmatched long-term reliability and performance. Investing in an authentic Nara tea whisk ensures you get the best experience and longevity from your matcha preparation.

            Choose a real Japanese made tea whisk for matcha from Nara and elevate your matcha drinking experience with the finest craftsmanship and materials.

            Score: 5.0 (votes: 21)
            Reviews: 21
            • ¥3,800 JPY
            • 38   – Reward points
            Sorry, we only have 38 of that item available
            • Handcrafted!

                Chinese Made Tea Whisk For Matcha

                Introducing A Chinese Made Tea Whisk for Matcha

                Due to the growing popularity of matcha, our current Japanese whisk supplier is having a somewhat difficult time to keep up with the high demand, resulting in a several-month backlog of orders. To ensure you can still enjoy your matcha without interruption, we are now offering a Chinese made tea whisk as a cost-effective alternative.

                Quality and Craftsmanship

                Our Chinese made tea whisk closely resembles its Japanese counterpart in appearance and functionality. While it may not match the superior craftsmanship and long-term durability of a Japanese made whisk, it is still more than sufficient for basic matcha preparation. This whisk is designed with the same traditional style and consists of 65-72 prongs, making it an excellent choice for everyday matcha drinking.

                Affordable and Accessible

                Understanding the need for an affordable option without compromising too much on quality, we have sourced this Chinese whisk to offer you a practical solution. It is priced lower than the Japanese whisk, making it accessible for those who are new to matcha or on a budget. Despite the differences in quality, this whisk will still help you achieve a smooth and frothy matcha.

                Why Choose Our Chinese Whisk?

                • Appearance: Similar look and feel to a Japanese whisk.
                • Functionality: Effective for basic matcha making.
                • Affordability: Lower price point compared to Japanese whisks.
                • Availability: Immediate availability to meet current demand.

                While our Chinese made tea whisk may not offer the same level of precision and longevity as our Japanese whisks, it remains a practical and sufficient tool for matcha enthusiasts. Choose this whisk for its accessibility and convenience, ensuring you never miss out on your daily matcha ritual.

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                • A Tsuen Tea!
                • Rare!

                    Uji Matcha Taiko-San

                    We didn't think we would ever be able to offer another matcha comparable to the famous Manten we currently carry; yet it has come to pass! Like Manten, we realize Uji Matcha Taiko-San is an expensive matcha and we make no bones about it - this is about as an exclusive matcha as you will ever find. If you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, however, then your search is over! Until obtained this gem from Japan's oldest teashop, this matcha had never been sold outside of Japan.

                    A few words about this item...

                    The farm where Taiko-San is grown is known as "Taikou-tsutsumi" and is located not too far from our supplier Tsuen tea's shop in Uji Japan. The area is both a tea farm as well as an archaeological site. The matcha is produced in this small field by the river beside an ancient levee, which is being studied for its construction methods. The grower, Mr. Fukui, farms several strains of tea in this plot and he adjusts the blend every year according to the plants condition to create the specific flavor. As with Manten, the plot is small and the yield is limited.

                    This handpicked tea has an abundance of umami, which has been described by Tsuen as sweet with a hint of bitter and having a fresh green smell. The color is a rich and dark, very intense green froth. Compared with Manten, this matcha has a more masculine taste. Again, the grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade so the supply is extremely limited. will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which may be very hit and miss. Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item the grower will never be able to increase his production. There is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. As with matcha Manten, is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koicha (matcha which can be made thick) is sweeter, milder tasting than usucha (the normal matcha which is made in a thinner consistency). Because twice the amount of tea powder is used to make a thicker tea, a milder, less bitter product is required. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true thick style matcha. Taiko-san, along with Manten, however, is one of those.

                    If you wish to brew this in a thick manner, you may want to consider obtaining a tea whisk made especially for koicha

                    Net Weight 30gm

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                    • ¥6,200 JPY
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                    • Handcrafted!

                        Shiboridashi Teapot for Green Tea

                        Experience the unparalleled quality of our handcrafted Shiboridashi teapot from Tokoname Prefecture, Japan. This exquisite teapot is increasingly rare and highly sought after by tea connoisseurs, especially those who appreciate the delicate nuances of brewing gyokuro, the most luxurious and costly type of loose-leaf green tea. Designed to brew at lower temperatures with a double amount of loose leaves, this teapot is perfect for extracting the subtle flavors and deep umami characteristic of gyokuro.

                        The Shiboridashi teapot's small size is purposefully designed to hold about 60ml (2 ounces) of water, making it ideal for preparing just one or two small cups at a time. This allows for multiple, concentrated infusions, each capturing the essence of the tea. The unique design features a thin gap between the inner body of the teapot and the lid, eliminating the need for a traditional filter basket and enhancing the infusion process for larger leaf teas like gyokuro and light-steamed asamushi sencha.

                        It’s important to note that due to its specific design, this teapot is best suited for larger leaf teas and not recommended for fine leaf particles like those found in deep-steamed green tea (fukamushi-cha).

                        Each Shiboridashi teapot is a testament to the artisan's skill, with attention to detail that might not be immediately apparent but significantly enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Given the handcrafted nature of these teapots, slight variations from the images shown may occur, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

                        For those deeply engaged in the art of tea, particularly gyokuro enthusiasts, our Shiboridashi and Houhin teapots offer an optimal brewing tool, combining traditional craftsmanship with effective modern design.

                        How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions!

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