Asamushi | Gyokuro | Light-Steamed Teapots

Shiboridashi and Houhin teapots are best used for light-steamed green teas with large leaf particles such as gyokuro and asamushi-cha (light steamed green tea). Typically, they do not have a filter screen but may have holes in the spout, grooves on the interior, or nothing at all. These teapots are not suitable for fine leafed green teas such as fukamushi (deep steamed). While it's possible to brew regular steamed green tea with these teapots if you are careful, you would probably be best served with a teapot for general use for those teas. When it comes to brewing gyokuro or asamushi (light steamed) green tea, however, they are really the best type to use and if you are a regular drinker of these teas, you would be well served to invest in one.

Below is a video of our Shiboridashi and Houhin teapots being custom-made, you will only find these exclusively at



If you are in search of a teapot suitable for brewing asamushi-cha or gyokuro, the light-steamed teapots shown above would be the perfect choice.