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    • New & Improved!

        Uji Green Tea Bags

        Experience the future of eco-friendly tea drinking with our New & Improved Non-Plastic Based Uji Green Tea Bags! Crafted with care, each bag contains 5 grams of high-quality sencha leaf, promising a richer and more authentic flavor than the typical tea dust found in other tea bags.

        Our tea bags are uniquely designed with a triangular, biodegradable mesh made from plant-based biomass materials, ensuring that they don’t impart any unwanted flavors to your tea like traditional paper bags can. Open the re-sealable package and be greeted by a fresh, grassy aroma that encapsulates the essence of premium Uji green tea.

        In our commitment to sustainability, the entire tea bag, including the tag and string, is made from environmentally-friendly materials, allowing you to enjoy your tea with the knowledge that you are making a positive impact on the planet.

        Each package contains 20 of these 5-gram tea bags. Embrace a superior tea experience with our Uji Green Tea Bags—try them today and taste the difference sustainability makes!


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        • Unique!

            Gyokuro Green Tea Bags

            New & Improved Gyokuro Tea Bags

            We finally came across a gyokuro green tea bag of a high quality that is worthy of our lineup. Unlike the vast majority of green tea tea bags you run across, each of our Gyokuro Green Tea Bags consists of 5 grams of high quality gyokuro leaf (not tea dust).  There are a few gyokuro stems in this tea bag which give the tea a slight astringency but the main flavor is gyokuro all the way.

            This tea bag comes in a triangular, biodegradable (not plastic or nylon) mesh infusion bag and will not affect the taste as traditional paper teabags are known to do. A wonderful grassy aroma awaits you when you open the re-sealable package.

            As of November 2020, the tea bag material used for our Uji green tea bags is composed of a starch based biomass material derived from plants. In addition to the filter, the laminate on the tag and string of this product also incorporate the same environmentally-friendly material.

            One package includes (16) five-gram high quality gyokuro tea bags, try some today!


            Instructions for Brewing Gyokuro Tea Bag

            To achieve the best results when brewing gyokuro tea, it is crucial to manage the temperature carefully. Here is a recommended procedure using two cups:

            1. Pour hot water (90°C / 194°F) into the first cup and allow it to sit for approximately one minute. This step will cause the temperature of the water to decrease (refer to detailed product images for guidance).

            2. Transfer the water from the first cup to the second cup. This action will further reduce the water's temperature (detailed product images provide more information).

            3. Place the tea bag into the now pre-warmed first cup and pour the water from the second cup back into the first cup, over the tea bag. The ideal brewing temperature is 55°C / 131°F. Allow the tea to brew for 2.5 to 3 minutes, which is longer than the typical brewing time for sencha tea. After brewing, move the used tea bag to the second cup for any additional infusions.


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            • Unique!

                Genmaicha with Uji Matcha Green Tea Bags

                Made by the same maker as our legendary Uji Miyabi Sencha, each of our Uji Matcha-Iri Genmaicha tea bags consists of 4 grams of a high quality combination of loose leaf green tea (not tea dust), puffed rice, and matcha. This tea bag comes in a triangular, nylon mesh infusion bag, and will not affect the taste as traditional paper teabags are known to do. A wonderful taste experience awaits you when you open the re-sealable package. Our Matcha Iri Genmaicha tea bags are very delicious and you can serve them either hot or iced. As with all of our green teas, packaged in nitrogen filled packaging.

                (15) 4 gram teabags per package, try some today!

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                • Unique!

                    Hōjicha Tea Bags

                    Discover the soothing pleasure of our Uji Hōjicha Tea Bags, the perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing tea experience without the caffeine. Crafted by the same artisans responsible for our renowned Uji Miyabi Sencha, each tea bag contains 4 grams of high-quality loose leaf hōjicha. This unique green tea is roasted to achieve a beautiful red hue and a distinctively smooth, rich flavor.

                    Hōjicha is appreciated for its low caffeine content, resulting from the roasting process, making it a popular choice in Japan for hospital patients and children. The triangular, nylon mesh bags ensure a full infusion, offering a flavor superior to that of traditional paper tea bags.

                    Open the re-sealable package and prepare to enjoy a wonderful taste experience. Our Uji Hōjicha Tea Bags can be enjoyed hot or iced, adapting to your preference. Each package contains 20 tea bags, ensuring you can relish this delightful beverage time and time again. As with all our teas, they are packaged in nitrogen-filled packaging to preserve freshness and flavor.

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