Uji Organic Matcha
  • Organic
  • High Theanine!

      Uji Organic Matcha

      Although this is the lowest priced matcha we carry, the quality is nonetheless quite good for the price, making Uji Organic Matcha a great bargain. From Uji, located near Kyoto, this matcha is grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals. It is certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and carries the JAS mark. Try some today!

      Net weight 30gm, this product makes approximately (20) 1.5gm servings per can.


      Score: 4.78 (votes: 36)
      Reviews: 28
      • $8.04 USD
      • 12   – Reward points
      en stock
        • Réf.
        • Poids
          80 g
      • Matcha
        • Grown in
        • Year
        • Aroma
        • Color
        • Type
        • Organic
        • Container
          Re-sealable Round Metal Container
        • Net Wgt
          30 grams
        • Servings Per Container
          20 x 1.5 gm servings
        • Whisk Type
          65-72+ prong usucha whisk
      Customer reviews
      Average rating:
      4.78(Votes: 36)
      Rating of votes (36)
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      • Doina
        août 6, 2019, 13:51
        This is the second time I ordered from O-cha. I've only ordered Kiri no Mori the first time. The delivery came very fast to Romania (1 week) via Registered shipping. To me, the Kiri no Mori matcha is a little better tasting than this Uji Organic Matcha, it seems like this tea is a slight bit more bitter.
      • Brian Thompson
        mai 1, 2019, 01:36
        This matcha has it all. Good and interesting flavor, vibrant green color, and it's a steal at this price. I've noticed it lifts my mood and, at the same time, is calming. That may be my favorite thing about it.
      • Beth A
        mars 1, 2019, 21:06
        This surprisingly good matcha – better than any of the "ceremonial grade" matcha I could find locally, and most on Amazon, and at a much nicer price point. It is extremely fresh, smoothly ground, and has a nice green, sweetness to it.
      • Cody
        janv. 7, 2018, 22:30
        (I would like to disclose I was offered "40 points for future purchases" to review this product)
        "Uji Organic Matcha" is an enjoyable everyday sort of matcha. I prefer this one iced. There's no overbearing astringency and the bitter taste is tolerable and not too high-handed. It lacks any complexity, but still maintains a very delicious and refreshing taste and quality.
      • Giedre S
        oct. 11, 2017, 02:31
        i am buying this tea for second time. it is little bit strong, but like it very much
      • JN
        oct. 2, 2017, 11:28
        Appreciate the fast delivery. Tasted great even though it's the cheapest matcha available here.
      • Michelle Leon
        oct. 1, 2017, 03:15
        Very fast delivery. I'm 100% satisfied with my order and will definitely buy more matcha tea from your website.
      • Olga V
        sept. 28, 2017, 17:19
        Fast delivery, quick feedback when needed. The tea is totally perfect, I expected it would be lower quality or may be different taste scince it is cheaper than others. I can' see any difference (I'm not matcha guru to understand it in higher level, but as a customer im totally satisfied)
        Is really perfect, thank you.
        Would be great to have bigger packages (of 100-150g), because some countries have limitations in items quantity..

      Product questions

      • Anneliese
        avril 17, 2023, 11:40

        I used to get decaf organic powdered sencha here ... do you no longer sell it? Can't find any decaf at all
        Thank you ..... Anneliese

        Kevin Moore
        avril 17, 2023, 11:54

        We've never sold a decaf green tea or matcha in our shop, basically because the decaf process ruins the taste of green tea.

      • Robert H Mende
        févr. 12, 2021, 18:54

        Which organic matcha has the highest amount of EGCG’s?
        Does the amount of EGCG’s vary with the price of the matcha products?

        Kevin Moore
        févr. 13, 2021, 04:00


        Generally speaking, although they have EGCG's, matcha and other shade grown green teas do not not have as high of EGCG's as regular sencha green teas. There is very little difference in the levels between the various matcha, they are all comparable. If you want to increase EGCG's, the easiest way is to either drink more quantity of matcha or switch to sencha.

      • Lev
        oct. 31, 2019, 04:21

        Is Uji Matcha prepared from 2019 tea harvest?

        Kevin Moore
        oct. 31, 2019, 14:05


        Our current stock (as of October 2019) is still 2018. When our current inventory runs out (probably in the next 2 weeks) we will shift to 2019.

        Keep in mind it's quite normal for better quality matcha to not change to the new harvest until Fall of each year.

      • adam kalled
        oct. 14, 2019, 00:15

        Is the Uji Organic Matcha ceremonial grade matcha?

        Kevin Moore
        oct. 14, 2019, 00:16

        Yes, it is...

      • Lev Visoky
        sept. 24, 2019, 03:19

        Is Uji Organic Matcha harvested in 2019?

        Kevin Moore
        sept. 24, 2019, 09:10

        Better matcha is usually aged until fall. As of this writing (September 24, 2019) this matcha is still 2018. We expect 2019 to be released within the next 2 weeks.

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