Light Steamed Green Tea

light steamed green teaAsamushi Sencha The green teas in this category, known in Japanese as "asamushi-cha", or light steamed green teas, are steamed for a shorter period of time than your typical sencha. The period in which any green tea is steamed depends on various characteristics such as where it was grown, elevation, etc. Like deep steamed green tea, not all green teas are suitable for light steaming.

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Loose leaf asamushi sencha will usually have large leaf particles and are suitable to be brewed in all types of Japanese green teapots, including those with ceramic "sesame" filters. When brewed, light steamed green tea tends to have a clear, light appearance, usually a bit on the yellowish side, subtle flavors, but it is often quite aromatic.  Asamushi can also be somewhat astringent depending on the individual tea. If you've never tried a light steamed green tea, we do have the best in what Japan has to offer, try one today!