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  • April, 2017
    • avril 29, 2017
      Unfortunately, due to continued delays in delivery to British Columbia Canada, orders from there will be restricted to EMS (Express Mail) starting today...
    • avril 18, 2017
      We have expanded our social login capabilities. You can now sign in with one or any Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal or LinkedIn account. Link one, multiple, or none to your account for easy future sign-in and checkout! Guest checkout still accepted, of course!
    • avril 5, 2017
      Due to aggressive customs, we have halted all sales to Italy...
  • March, 2017
  • February, 2017
    • févr. 23, 2017
      Running a complex site like this sometimes makes you want to pull your hair out...
    • févr. 10, 2017
      British Columbia orders from December *finally* starting to show up!
  • January, 2017
  • December, 2016
  • November, 2016
  • May, 2016
  • November, 2015
    • nov. 23, 2015
      Automatic Currency Detection - As of November 23rd, 2015, our site will detect your country and should automatically default to your local currency.  
    • nov. 14, 2015
      Major site speed improvements - After moving the server a few days ago, we spent the last few days tweaking it out for speed and are happy to report that is now blazing along faster than ever and with very short page load times.
    • nov. 6, 2015
      A new MUCH easier way to check your order status!