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I love O-Cha!

I've been an O-Cha customer for a couple of years now and am a devoted fan. The descriptions are very helpful, the tea is extremely high quality, and the customer service is terrific: clear, efficient, and friendly. Even the shipping boxes are lovely! Thank you, O-Cha!

Deb (New York, NY, USA), Jul 4, 2021
Superb Green Tea and great service

O-Cha has been my go to place to buy green tea ever since our trip to Japan 5 years ago. O-Ch has delivered every time I have ordered from them. My order is usually shipped the next day and the tea is of superior quality. A comparable tea in Ontario is double the price. I like the description that goes with each tea; it makes it easy to find the teas I prefer. I highly recommend O-Cha Tea Company. Great place indeed!

Brigitta Hane (Canada), Sep 13, 2020

Stumbled across this site while looking for a Japanese-made chawan and discovered that all their products were made in Japan so I replaced every one of my Chinese-made pieces. My package arrived today to my amazement, as I did not expect it to travel halfway around the world in less than a week. Everything is so much more beautiful than I had imagined.

Philip Ransom (Connecticut, U.S.A.), Jan 11, 2020
Great place to buy Japanese Green Tea

I have been a customer of O-Cha for about two years and this is the only place where I buy green tea now. It is the best green tea you can ever purchase online. Forget finding this quality in any shop in Europe. The freshness of O-Cha teas is unmatched unless you are in Japan, I guess. The service is fast and reliable. If you like green tea, this is the place to buy it online.

Barbara Castellani (Switzerland), Dec 5, 2019
Excellent service and great teas

I fell in love with japanese green tea after a trip to Japan two years ago, but it is almost impossible to find good and fresh green tea where I live. Luckly I found out about O-Cha so now I can enjoy great quality tea at a very fair price. The service is very fast and the shipping rates to my country are affordable. I have already ordered three times and will keep on doing so.

Luana Lelis (Brazil), Jul 1, 2019
Fast, reliable service

I have been ordering from O-Cha for several years. I usually place my order using PayPal before going to bed and wake in the morning to find that my order has already shipped! My package often arrives in one week, but on a few occasions can take ten days to two weeks--my guess is that that is on the USPS or customs. Early on I ordered the green tea gift set (recommended) and have been refilling the canisters with my purchases ever since.

Alex G (Chicago suburbs), Nov 15, 2018
Great customer service.

The customer service is amazing. If you make a mistake on an order, as long as you promptly let them know, they fix it for you no questions asked. Whoever Kevin Moore is, he fixes my problems fast. Buy the Yame Gyokuro. It's the best value!

Donny Payne (Missouri), Aug 6, 2018

Quality, fast delivery and affordable prices. Keep up the good work.

Marin Radić, Apr 22, 2018
Quality Product Every Time

I was always on the lookout for a quality Japanese green tea, it's difficult to find anything other than sweepings or mislabeled Chinese teas in local stores, and always at an expensive cost. That is why I'm so glad that I discovered O-Cha! Every tea that I have ordered from them has been of the highest quality, at prices much more reasonable than any retail outlet. I'm now able to enjoy delicious Kabesucha every day, and Gyokuro for more than a once-in-a-while treat. I'm always excited to try something new from the catalog, because I know that it will have been sourced as well as humanly possible. Thank you O-Cha, here's to many more years of great tea enjoyment!

Paul Paro (Manchester, NH), Apr 11, 2018
Another super shipment of Gyokuro's

Wow, I am always excited to get my shipment from O-Cha. I am trying to make sure I try every Gyokuro available from O-Cha. I just recieved Kamejirushi Uji, and Shoun Uji WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such great flavor!!!!

TECUNUMAN GARCIA (Rio Rancho, New Mexico), Feb 19, 2018
I have ordered from O-cha for years and have always been impressed...

I have ordered from O-cha for years and have always been impressed with their fast shipping and responsive help with questions, but most of all the quality and value of their teas. One of my orders was even returned to them due to an error with the carrier (we were moving) and they contacted me directly to get the teas sent to me asap. Thanks again O-cha!

Mark Foster, Jun 19, 2017
Lovely to see such care and attention taken to my order

Just received my teapot and water cooler, both of which arrived in perfect order, and carefully packed. Lovely to see such acre and attention taken to my order. I will now have to learn Japanese so that I can read the newspaper used for packing :-) Thank you so much

Christopher Wilkins (United Kingdom), Jul 20, 2015
O-Cha is a unique experience, quite unlike that of any other company

I recently had the pleasure of trying O-Cha's organic Sakimidori Sencha, and I was swept away by the intense yet subdued flavors. The Sakimidori sencha was easily one of the best senchas I've tried in a while, and one that I could see myself drinking regularly on early, brisk mornings. Something I've found, is that that opening a tea from O-Cha is a unique experience, quite unlike that of any other company, as the aroma and freshness of the tea prevails so heavily that one might think their tea had been packaged only minutes before they opened it.

James Hale, Jul 1, 2015

I am from Texas and I have used Uji Asamushi Shincha Kirameki tea for several years and other teas from O-Cha. All of the teas are very good and the flavor is renowned. I drink green tea 3 – 4 times a week and love it. I have purchase green tea in the USA, but there is no comparison to the teas from O-Cha place of business. O-Cha teas for me are the BEST tea on the market. It is a little expensive, but if you want the best, you will have to pay for it. IT IS THE BEST TEA. Thank you and have a great day.

Marvin J. Harrell (Texas, USA), May 2, 2015
I purchased Organic Sencha Oku Midori for the first time

I purchased Organic Sencha Oku Midori for the first time, and I really like it. I love the fact that it's organic, and the taste is wonderful. I finish my cup by eating the leaves at the bottom, and they are delicious (of course I like that kind of thing). So instead of brewing several cups and throwing away the leaves, I want all the goodness and eat the leaves at the end - no waste of good phytochemicals!

Cynthia, Feb 3, 2014
They deliver the highest quality, best tasting Matcha available anywhere

When I first started drinking Matcha it was because of the health benefits. I ordered from all different sites and one day stumbled upon O-Cha. Since then I have begun not only drinking Matcha for health reasons but now have found a true passion for this style of tea thanks to the quality of tea I have received time and time again from O-Cha. This is the only site I order from now because they deliver the highest quality, best tasting Matcha available anywhere. Living in New Jersey it is also nice to trust a site to deliver a high quality product continually without issues overseas. Hats off to a company that not only delivers the best quality but also maintains excellent customer service. Thanks for everything!! You have a loyal customer here.

Jeff Trommater, Jan 26, 2014
I have been drinking a sencha every day but wanted to add a higher quality tea

I recently ordered the Uji Gyokuro Kamejirushi and love it! I have been drinking a sencha every day but wanted to add a higher quality tea to drink occasionally like on weekends or special occasions. Service was prompt too! Thank you. David Guthrie AllAboutSushiGuide

David Guthrie, Jan 9, 2014
I would definitely recommend purchasing from this company

I purchased the Arita teapot for my daughter's Christmas. The teapot is very beautiful and my daughter loves it! The delivery to Scotland was exceptionally fast and it all arrived very well packaged. Overall I am extremely pleased with the service I received and my purchase. I would definitely recommend purchasing from this company, and may do so again myself. Thank you!

Rita Donaldson (Scotland), Jan 7, 2014
we have enjoyed using the fantastic products

Kevin at O-Cha has been incredibly kind and helpful and we have enjoyed using the fantastic products on offer here!

B Law Smith, Nov 12, 2013
Bought the Yakishimei Houhin teapot set

Bought the Yakishimei Houhin teapot set. The set itself is stunning, and the service has been excellent - the water cooler cracked on its way to the UK, and we were quickly sent a replacement. Thank you!

Jessica, Nov 9, 2013
I am very satisfied with the product and service

I made my first purchase with O-Cha with Uji Matcha Kiku Mukashi. I'm new with Matcha and enjoyed this delicate, crisp tasting selection. I liked smelling the freshness every time I took a scoop. My only con is the time it took to get my product. But in having to be reasonable in considering the product is fresh from Japan, I am very satisfied with the product and service.

Starzette Grate, Nov 2, 2013
I have purchased green tea from other sources and none have come to the quality of O-Cha.com

I would like to say that the tea from O-Cha.com is the BEST. I have purchased green tea from other sources and none have come to the quality of O-Cha.com. Last year I canceled an order for the reason of the Power Plant. But now I believe that this product is SAFE from reading articles concerning the tea products. Again Thank you for your prompt service and product.

Marvin Harrell, Oct 20, 2013
I get to enjoy tea direct from Uji at reasonable prices :)

Shipped really quickly, my tea bags came within the same week! Thanks to o-cha.com, I get to enjoy tea direct from Uji at reasonable prices :)

Claire Hoon, Oct 13, 2013
The prices are extremely reasonable, and so is the shipping cost

This site is a gem! The tea I ordered (Uji Asamushi Sencha "Hana no Kaori") was superb, and so was the speed of delivery to my house. The prices are extremely reasonable, and so is the shipping cost. I see myself ordering teas from o-cha.com for a long time to come. Best regards, Kris Spindler

Kris Spindler, Sep 4, 2013
So to be able to find real japanese green tea was a bliss

I am very happy to be able to get real japanese green tea from japan. I discovered it through a TV spot on the Watanabe plantation on the french TV ARTE. I have been very found and for many year of japanese culture and my son leaves in Japan. So to be able to find real japanese green tea was a bliss. The colour and the taste is unique. Tea is mainly, for me, related to japan. I am most gratefull to the people who, every day, work carefully to give us such a thing. I know how much your country has been and is still hurt hardly, It is also a puch throughout to keep the best of every countries traditional behaving. The best to you and all my thanks Ilianis Jubert Taibl

Jubert Taibl Ilianis, Aug 27, 2013
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