Shizuoka Green Tea

Shizuoka Green Tea Harvest

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Shizuoka Green Tea - The majority of Japanese green tea comes from Shizuoka prefecture. With a warmer than average climate for mainland Japan, it provides the perfect growing conditions for Japanese green tea.

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  • Kaoru Fukamushi Sencha

    Kaoru Fukamushi Sencha

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    Score: 4.93 (votes: 27)
    Reviews: 26
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  • Oku Yutaka Organic Sencha

    Oku Yutaka Organic Sencha

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    From Shizuoka, a unique breed of Japanese green tea grown organically. A first rate, first harvest, deep steamed green tea, the high quality is obvious from the first sip. Strong "umami" sweetness, less astringent and mellow. As with many organic green teas, Organic Sencha "Oku Yutaka" is single estate and is not blended. Harvested from the first round of young spring leaves, it is certified organic. Nitrogen flushed and vacuum packaged, as fresh of an organic green tea as you can get.

    Includes 100 grams of tea per package.

    Score: 4.88 (votes: 24)
    Reviews: 22
    • $15.04 USD
  • Kawane Wa-Kōcha

    Kawane Wa-Kōcha

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    Score: 5.00 (votes: 5)
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  • Sayamakaori Organic Sencha

    Sayamakaori Organic Sencha

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    Score: 4.47 (votes: 15)
    Reviews: 13
    • $13.16 USD