FedEx Now Available for USA Customers

May 6, 2020

As you may be aware, we have been restricted from shipping to the USA along with about 157+ other countries by way of our normal Japan Post.   While that whole Japan Post situation remains a complete fiasco, we do have a few bright spots...

First, we are now shipping to the USA via FedEx.  The price is a tad bit higher, but when you add multiple items it's not so bad.  FedEx does not have the restrictions that Japan Post has, they have their own airplanes.  

Shincha - We now have mutiple shincha online and up for sale. I guess we caused some confusion because we switched from using the word "shincha" to "sencha" but if a tea is in the shincha category it's shincha!  If it the harvest year shows 2020 and it's before still May, it's likely shincha. The reason we had two separate explanations for the same tea is because during normal times (and that's not now) we would often have both the shincha version up for pre-order and last year's non-shincha version of the same tea. Sorry for the confusion.

Oh, and speaking of shincha, it's pretty darn good this year!  Better than average year! 

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