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        Organic Powdered Sencha

        Discover the unique and vibrant Uji Organic Powdered Sencha, a distinct departure from matcha but equally esteemed for its health benefits. Grown under the full sun in Uji, this powdered sencha captures the essence of the first harvest, resulting in a green tea with a slightly more astringent flavor and maximum antioxidant properties.

        Unlike traditional sencha, this tea is finely ground into a talcum-like powder, making it incredibly convenient to use—no teapot necessary! Simply mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the powder (included with the package depending on your cup size) in hot water for an instant, healthful green tea drink. This versatility makes it a popular addition to shake mixes, offering a quick and easy way to incorporate the benefits of green tea into your daily routine.

        Certified 100% organic by JAS/JONA, our Uji Organic Powdered Sencha ensures purity and sustainability. Try it today and experience the potent health benefits and distinct taste of this exceptional powdered green tea.

        Net weight 60gm.

        Score: 4.9 (votes: 11)
        Reviews: 10
        • ¥1,200 JPY
        • 12   – Reward points
        Sorry, we only have 3 of that item available
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