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        Uji Sencha Otsūsan

        It's's pleasure to be able to provide you with the Tsuen blend "Otsuusan" karigane sencha, from Japan's oldest tea shop. This is probably the most popular green tea in the Tsuen tea shop in Uji Japan. A proprietary blend Yabukita breed karigane sencha. The stems from gyokuro leaves are added, giving this tea somewhat of a unique "tart", sharp taste.  A bit sweeter and more green than Tsuen's similar Musashi version. Try it today!

        Package includes 100 grams.

        This product is also available forautomatic monthly delivery!

        Score: 4.2 (votes: 19)
        Reviews: 17
        • ¥1,600 JPY
        • 16   – Reward points
        Sorry, we only have 10 of that item available
        • A Tsuen Tea!

            Musashi Uji Sencha

            Score: 4.9 (votes: 14)
            Reviews: 14
            • ¥1,800 JPY
            • 18   – Reward points
            Sorry, we only have 11 of that item available
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                Uji Sencha Aoi

                It's our pleasure to be able to offer the outstanding Uji Sencha "Aoi", ("Green") from Japan's oldest teashop, Tsuen Tea. This item consists of yabukita leaves from the first harvest and is Tsuen's second highest ranked sencha, the first being their San no Ma. This lightly steamed sencha (asamushi) yields a very wonderful nice grassy aroma. Here is your chance to try some of the best of what Japan has to offer in Japanese green tea, directly from the banks of the Uji river.

                Net Wt. 100 grams

                Score: 4.9 (votes: 18)
                Reviews: 15
                • ¥2,900 JPY
                • 29   – Reward points
                Sorry, we only have 4 of that item available
                • A Tsuen Tea!
                • Rare!

                    Shirakawa Gyokuro

                    The highest grade of gyokuro we sell from Japan's oldest continuously operating tea shop, Tsuen in Uji near Kyoto. Note that Uji Shirakawa Gyokuro is a very limited edition item, we are supplying it because the opportunity to offer it presented itself to us and we strive to supply the best of the best. We do not recommend that you purchase this rare item unless you have previously practiced brewing gyokuro. is honored to offer this superb green tea supplied to us from the Tsuen family who have operated their teashop from same location on the banks of the Uji river since 1160.

                    Grown in nearby Shirakawa, this is an extremely high quality gyokuro. Gyokuro is shade grown before harvesting, giving it a greener color and sweeter taste. Less that 0.5 % of all green tea harvested in Japan ends up as gyokuro, and among those, this gem is near the top. This green tea is hand-picked (rare - see video tab) and is pure "Gokou" cultivar. Another unique aspect is that unlike the majority of gyokuro grown today, the shading is not done with modern shade cloth but instead using traditional straw and reed screening. The combination of hand-picking and traditional shading methods make this a very "old school" gyokuro.

                    Once you learn to make it properly, you wil be hooked for life! Since this is a connoisseur grade of gyokuro and is not considered a beginner's green tea, make sure to read our how to brew gyokuro page as it is brewed differently than sencha.

                    Because this is a rather rare and expensive, we are offering it at this time in 30 gram packaging

                    Score: 4.8 (votes: 12)
                    Reviews: 12
                    • ¥4,280 JPY
                    • 42   – Reward points
                    Sorry, we only have 1 of that item available
                    • A Tsuen Tea!
                    • High Theanine!

                        Fujitsubo Uji Gyokuro

                        Score: 4.9 (votes: 13)
                        Reviews: 11
                        • ¥4,420 JPY
                        • 44   – Reward points
                        Sorry, we only have 8 of that item available
                        • A Tsuen Tea!

                            Ujibashi San no Ma - Uji Sencha

                            Score: 4.6 (votes: 19)
                            Reviews: 16
                            • ¥3,700 JPY
                            • 37   – Reward points
                            Sorry, we only have 3 of that item available
                            • A Tsuen Tea!
                            • High Theanine!

                                Yume no Ukihashi Uji Gyokuro

                                Score: 5.0 (votes: 16)
                                Reviews: 14
                                • ¥6,000 JPY
                                • 60   – Reward points
                                Sorry, we only have 6 of that item available
                                • A Tsuen Tea!
                                • Rare!

                                    Uji Matcha Manten

                                    Expensive? Yes, it is. However, if you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, online or off, your search is over! Until we started carrying Uji Matcha Manten back in the mid 2000's, this product had never been sold outside of Japan and it is still offered online exclusively by A few words about this item...

                                    The first thing you will notice about this matcha is its wonderful aroma. Extremely aromatic!

                                    The grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade, so the supply is extremely limited. will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which will can be very hit and miss.

                                    Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item, the grower will never be able to increase his production.

                                    The typical customer in Japan who purchases this matcha are the tea ceremony instructors - because they know it to be the best.

                                    In the Uji area where this tea is grown, the grower is well known and has written a book on the art of growing Tencha (the tea leaves from which matcha is derived.) He has won numerous awards for his Tencha from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

                                    The taste of Manten is very distinctive and there is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koi-cha (matcha which is served thick) is sweeter, more milder tasting than regular usucha. Because twice the amount of matcha powder is used to make a thicker consistency, a milder, less bitter product is required, and this usually comes from plants that are at least 30 years old. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true think style matcha. Manten, however, is one of those.

                                    If you wish to brew this in a thick manner, you may want to consider obtaining a tea whisk made especially for koicha

                                    Net weight 30 grams


                                    Score: 4.9 (votes: 30)
                                    Reviews: 27
                                    • ¥5,600 JPY
                                    En rupture de stock
                                    • A Tsuen Tea!
                                    • Unique!

                                        Organic Hōjicha

                                        From Uji Japan, Hojicha, or Hōjicha is a green tea that has been roasted, imparting a red color and a very unique taste. Since the baking process removes the caffeine, this tea is often served in Japan to patients in hospitals, and to children. ThisOrganic Hojicha is excellent iced, you will often find this tea served in Japanese restaurants. Certified organic. As with all of our loose leaf green teas, packaged in nitrogen filled bags.

                                        Price shown includes 100 grams of tea per package.

                                        Score: 4.9 (votes: 16)
                                        Reviews: 14
                                        • ¥1,000 JPY
                                        • 10   – Reward points
                                        Sorry, we only have 12 of that item available

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