Similarly Named Companies

Mar 18, 2018

We mention the following so consumers will not confuse (with the hyphen) with other online companies with similar names or URL's selling green tea.

Over the last year or two we have been getting a continuous stream of emails from people asking why their discount coupon won't work on our site, "where's my tea!?" inquiries, etc, and upon investigation find they had nothing to do with a purchases made from our site.   For whatever reason, another company Hokkaido Japan thought it was a good idea to create an online tea shop with a name similar to Of course, "O-Cha" is the generic term for "tea" in Japan and we don't claim to own the word itself (just like you can't own the word "car"), but for those outside of Japan it can easily cause confusion.  

This particular company apparently sells primarily through  We do not sell through (due of the associated high fees involved). has it's own dedicated server and merchant account system for handling orders. If you purchased green tea from an Amazon or eBay type of site, it was not us that sold you the tea.

Further, it appears there will also be another company coming online soon with a very similar URL to ours.  While we do appreciate all of the new customers these firms are or will be sending our way, it has and will thoroughly confuse a whole lot of customers, which is why we will become more proactive in differentiating our pioneer company from the rest. is a registered Japanese corporation based out of Japan which has been in business for nearly 20 years with an excellent track record and has it's own dedicated server, shopping cart, and merchant system.

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