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        Chiran Organic Sencha

        Experience the distinct pleasure of our first harvest organic sencha from Nishimoto, located in the lush Chiran region of Minami-Kyushu, Kagoshima Prefecture. This exquisite tea is a sophisticated blend of Yabukita, Yutaka Midori, Asatsuyu, and Kanayamidori breeds, all cultivated under strict organic practices to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.

        Deep-steaming techniques are employed to enhance the vibrant green color and enrich the flavor profile, resulting in a tea that is both visually striking and deeply satisfying in taste. The aroma is compelling and rich, offering a sensory experience that is both refreshing and indulgent.

        Whether you're a connoisseur of fine teas or seeking to explore the nuances of Japanese green teas, this sencha from Nishimoto is an excellent choice, promising a truly memorable and aromatic cup every time.

        Score: 4.9 (votes: 17)
        Reviews: 12
        • ¥2,000 JPY
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