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    • New & Improved!

        Deep Steamed Oku Midori Sencha

        For those in the know, the return of our Deep Steamed Oku Midori sencha green tea will be a cause for celebration. This year, we've successfully secured this exceptionally sought-after green tea, known for its deep steaming process that brings out a lush, grassy flavor and a rich umami essence. Sourced from Kagoshima, this fukamushi green tea delivers an explosion of taste with every sip.

        The high quality of Oku Midori is evident from the first taste. It features a vibrant emerald green color and a potent aroma that speaks to its freshness and purity. Harvested from the first flush of young spring leaves, it offers a refined experience that many consider to be among the best green teas available.

        We ensure maximum freshness by nitrogen flushing and vacuum packaging our tea soon after harvesting. This careful preservation guarantees that you’re getting as fresh a cup of green tea as possible.

        Each package contains 100 grams of Oku Midori, ready to be steeped into a perfect cup of green tea that is sure to impress both new enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

        Score: 4.6 (votes: 5)
        Reviews: 2
        • ¥2,600 JPY
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        Sorry, we only have 23 of that item available
        • A Tsuen Tea!

            Uji Sencha Aoi

            We are delighted to offer the exquisite Uji Sencha "Aoi" from Tsuen Tea, the most historic teashop in Japan. Celebrated for its premium quality, this sencha is made from the finest first-harvest yabukita leaves, ranking just behind the renowned San no Ma in Tsuen's esteemed lineup. Lightly steamed to preserve its vibrant, grassy aroma, "Aoi" captures the refreshing spirit of spring in each cup.

            Sourced from the picturesque banks of the Uji River, "Aoi" is a testament to the art of Japanese green tea craftsmanship. Every sip delivers a refined taste, steeped in tradition and superior quality, essential for any tea enthusiast’s collection.

            Packaged in 100-gram portions, Uji Sencha "Aoi" invites you to partake in one of the finest tea experiences Japan has to offer. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in this exceptional sencha and elevate your tea-drinking ritual.

            Score: 4.9 (votes: 18)
            Reviews: 15
            • ¥2,900 JPY
            • 29   – Reward points
            Sorry, we only have 12 of that item available

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