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  • Shino Chawan "Edatare Sakura"

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    Roughly translates into "hanging cherry blossom branch", Shino Chawan "Edatare Sakura" is made in the Mino area near of Gifu Prefecture ("Mino-yaki"), this beautiful handmade chawan is the perfect tea bowl for brewing matcha green tea.

    Measures 12 cm wide x 8 cm high (4.7 inches wide x 3.14 inches high)

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  • Sakura Green Tea Teaspoon

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    Known as a "chasaji" in Japanese, this is a traditional sakura teaspoon is used for measuring out green tea. A full teaspoon will usually weight out to 4 or 5 grams. Made from the wood of blooming cherry trees, quite beautiful.

    Note: This item is for loose leaf tea, not matcha. Here is a link to our matcha-spoon.  Do not use in the microwave, store in the refrigerator, or use in a dishwasher.

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  • Sakura Sencha

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    An interesting combination of Kyūshū sencha, sencha stems, and sakura (Japanese cherry tree) leaves grown in Izu. Open the package and you will be greeted by a rather sweet, enjoyable aroma of cherry blossoms and green tea. Brew Sakura Sencha and you will be rewarded with one very tasty, enjoyable green tea! This would be a very good introduction to green tea for those new to green tea, try it today!

    Available in 50 gram packages.

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  • Arita Sakura Chawan

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    Arita-yaki Sakura Chawan made in the famous Japanese ceramics making region of Arita. This beautiful handmade chawan is the perfect tea bowl for brewing matcha green tea.

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