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Uji Green Tea - Uji was an important stop along the road between Nara and Kyoto, and was the setting for the world's oldest novel, The Tale of Genji (源氏物語 Genji Monogatari). In order to get to either Kyoto or Nara, this bridge in Uji was crossed.

To the left you can see a copy of an original print of the famous bridge that crosses the Uji river, and next to it is the Tsuen tea shop. After 850 plus years of being in business, the Tsuen tea shop continues to operate at the same location and remains the oldest tea shop in Japan.

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  • Here is a set any green tea lover will enjoy! As our regular customers will attest, the teas included in this gift set are arguably two of the finest sencha green teas you will find online. Each tea is packaged within a very short time of when you place your order, ensuring fresh green tea like you may have never experienced. Save over purchasing each item separately.

    Green Tea Gift Set Includes...

    Kagoshima Sencha "Yutaka Midori" - 80g

    Uji Sencha "Miyabi" - 80g

    Green & Orange storage tins made especially for green tea

    Decorative gift box.

    • $37.60 USD
  • It's our pleasure to be able to offer the outstanding Uji Sencha "Aoi", ("Green") from Japan's oldest teashop, Tsuen Tea. This item consists of yabukita leaves from the first harvest and is Tsuen's second highest ranked sencha, the first being their San no Ma. This lightly steamed sencha (asamushi) yields a very wonderful nice grassy aroma. Here is your chance to try some of the best of what Japan has to offer in Japanese green tea, directly from the banks of the Uji river.

    Net Wt. 100 grams

    • $25.38 USD
  • Starting in 2016, we began to offer an especially select Kyoto sencha from the Tsuen teahouse in Uji, Kyoto Japan. They call this lineup "Chadōraku" and each year it is different. Tsuen teashop owner Yusuke Tsuen is an expert tea taster and has won many awards in tea tasting competitions so you can be sure that what he selects will be outstanding.

    For 2017 it's our pleasure to be able to offer an especially outstanding, Limited Edition light steamed green tea ("asamushi-cha") from Minamiyamashiro village (お茶の京都みなみやましろ村) near Uji. We exclusively obtain this from Japan's oldest teashop, Tsuen Tea. This item is 100% Sakimidori leaves from the first harvest. Seldom do we come across a light steamed green tea with needles of this quality and appearance. When brewed, it yields a very nice pronounced Kyoto umami flavor. The astringency is a bit strong and it's got somewhat of a tart taste and for that reason, we consider this to be somewhat of an advanced brewer's green tea. If brewed properly under capable hands, however, it will result in a very nice infusion with strong umami aftertaste. Although you could brew this in any type of Japanese teapot, you will get the best out of it by brewing in either a hōhin or shiboridashi teapot.

    Yes, we realize it is rather expensive - obviously a lot of hard work went into producing this gem of a green tea. However, our job has always been to first and foremost obtain the best green teas possible for our customers with pricing being a secondary (but still important) consideration. For that reason, we offer this in 30 gram packaging. To keep costs down, this is one of the few green teas we carry in which we will not be able to offer bonus points. Here is your chance to try some of the best of what Japan has to offer in Japanese green tea.


    Net Wt. 30 grams

    • $23.50 USD
  • From the first harvest, a very specially blended sencha from Uji, near Kyoto - This tea is very aromatic and is of the highest quality. Uji Sencha Miyabi - Definitely one of our all time favorites over the years, if you enjoy a grassy, aromatic green tea then this is the tea for you. Miyabi was blended using several varieties of sencha. From the moment you open the package, that special aroma lets you know you're in for a treat. Try Miyabi today!

    Available in 100gm packages.

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

    • $22.56 USD
  • Unlike the vast majority of green tea tea bags you run across, each of our Uji Green Tea Bags consists of 5 grams of high quality sencha leaf (not tea dust). This tea bag comes in a triangular, nylon mesh infusion bag, and will not affect the taste as traditional paper teabags are known to do. A wonderful grassy aroma awaits you when you open the re-sealable package.

    (20) 5 gram teabags per package, try some today!

    • $15.98 USD
  • From the first harvest in Uji. Kabusecha is grown in the shade for 14~20 days before harvest under 45% shade, giving it characteristics of both sencha and gyokuro. A sweeter, less grassy and more vegital, less astringent taste than regular sencha, you can definitely taste vegitive hint's of gyokuro.  It is easy to brew, not overly astringent, medium steamed, has a lovely green color, and is reasonably priced making it an all around versitle winner of a green tea. Although it has hints of gyokuro, be sure to brew it as you would for sencha, not gyokuro.

    Available in 100 gram packages.

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

    • $15.98 USD
    • $15.04 USD
  • It's O-Cha.com's pleasure to be able to provide you with the Tsuen blend "Otsuusan" karigane sencha, from Japan's oldest tea shop. This is probably the most popular green tea in the Tsuen tea shop in Uji Japan. A proprietary blend Yabukita breed karigane sencha. The stems from gyokuro leaves are added, giving this tea somewhat of a unique "tart", sharp taste.  A bit sweeter and more green than Tsuen's similar Musashi version. Try it today!

    Package includes 100 grams.

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

    • $14.10 USD
  • For a quick and convenient, yet stellar cup of organic Japanese green tea on the go, these organic green tea bags come to us by way of Tsuen tea - Japan's oldest tea shop. From Uji, Japan, each tea bag contains 2 grams of tea in a unique pyramid shaped silk tea bag sealed in it's own foil package ensuring freshness. Very delicious, 20 sachets per package. Try our Organic Green Tea Bags today!!

    • $13.16 USD
  • Karigane Sencha Green Tea Bags - Japanese Green Tea On The Go... For a quick, convenient, yet stellar cup of Japanese green tea it will be hard to beat "Ostuusan" Karigane green tea bags from the Tsuen tea shop (Japan's oldest) in Uji, This is Tsuen's proprietary blend of Karigane sencha (gyokuro stems and sencha). Each pyramid shaped silk-like teabag is sealed in it's own foil package ensuring freshness. Very green, very delicious.

    (20) 2 gram sachets per package.

    • $11.28 USD
  • From Uji Japan, one of our most popular items. Not to be confused with the "Matcha" used for the tea ceremony, Powdered Sencha is a good sencha that is ground into a talcum-like fine green powder. 1/4 teaspoon in hot water will give you an immediate supply of the healthy ingredients in green tea. Many add this to their shake mixes. Try it today!

    Net weight 100gm

    • $10.34 USD
  • From Uji. Although it may look similar to matcha, this product is sencha and has different taste characteristics - it's a bit more astringent. However, because Uji Organic Powdered Sencha is grown under full sun it is poplular with those seeking maximum antioxidant levels from their tea. From the first harvest, the leaves used to produce this green tea are grown under full sun and are then ground into a fine, talcum-like. 100% certified JAS/JONA organic. No teapot needed with this item! Mix 1/4 teaspoon (included with package) in hot water and you will have an immediate supply of the healthy ingredients in green tea. Many add this to their shake mixes. Try it today!

    Net weight 60gm.

    • $9.40 USD
  • From Uji Japan, Hojicha, or Hōjicha is a green tea that has been roasted, imparting a red color and a very unique taste. Since the baking process removes the caffeine, this tea is often served in Japan to patients in hospitals, and to children. ThisOrganic Hojicha is excellent iced, you will often find this tea served in Japanese restaurants. Certified organic. As with all of our loose leaf green teas, packaged in nitrogen filled bags.

    Price shown includes 100 grams of tea per package.

    • $8.46 USD

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  • New To Matcha?

    If you are new to matcha and are looking for a great way to get started, here's a kit that's sure to please.  In this basic kit we include four of the most basic items you will need to get started.  All components of this kit are authentic, Made in Japan products and are of the highest quality.  We carefully selected each item of this kit to give what we consider to be the best entry price to matcha while not skimping on quality in any way.

    Our Kiri-no-Mori matcha, while low priced, originates in Uji Japan and when you consider the freshness and quailty to price ratio of this product, it will most assuredly beat the pants off of any matcha you may happen to find in your local store.  Likewise, our matcha whisk is made by a real Japanese craftsman and will last much longer than the myriad of Chinese knock-offs that flood the market.

    Our black matcha bowl also enhances the beautiful color of the matcha quite nicely!

    A few accessories that while not absolutely necessary, will make your matcha drinking experience more helpful include a Matcha Sifter as well as a Tea Wisk Holder (not included in the kit). 

    Notes -  

    We cannot make product substitutions for items in this kit at this time

    As this item contains a ceramic tea bowl, the shipping price will be a bit higher due to the extra weight.

    • $58.28 USD