Organic Matcha

All of our organic matcha green tea products are certified organic by one or more authorized certifying agencies, both within and outside of Japan. In addition to one very economical Uji organic matcha, we also two very fine higher quality organic matcha green teas from Kirishima in Kagoshima prefecture, Kyushu Island. All of our items are as fresh as is possible available - we order then as we need them and they are delivered to us usually within 48 hours. 

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    • $18.80 USD
  • Although this is the lowest priced matcha we carry, the quality is nonetheless quite good for the price, making Uji Organic Matcha a great bargain. From Uji, located near Kyoto, this matcha is grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals. It is certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and carries the JAS mark. Try some today!

    Net weight 30gm, this product makes approximately 24 servings per can. 

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

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  • New To Matcha?

    If you are new to matcha and are looking for a great way to get started, here's a kit that's sure to please.  In this basic kit we include four of the most basic items you will need to get started.  All components of this kit are authentic, Made in Japan products and are of the highest quality.  We carefully selected each item of this kit to give what we consider to be the best entry price to matcha while not skimping on quality in any way.

    Our Kiri-no-Mori matcha, while low priced, originates in Uji Japan and when you consider the freshness and quailty to price ratio of this product, it will most assuredly beat the pants off of any matcha you may happen to find in your local store.  Likewise, our matcha whisk is made by a real Japanese craftsman and will last much longer than the myriad of Chinese knock-offs that flood the market.

    Our black matcha bowl also enhances the beautiful color of the matcha quite nicely!

    A few accessories that while not absolutely necessary, will make your matcha drinking experience more helpful include a Matcha Sifter as well as a Tea Wisk Holder (not included in the kit). 

    Notes -  

    We cannot make product substitutions for items in this kit at this time

    As this item contains a ceramic tea bowl, the shipping price will be a bit higher due to the extra weight.

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