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        Sae Midori Organic Asamushi Sencha

        Explore the exquisite subtleties of Kagoshima with our Organic Sae Midori Asamushi sencha, a prized green tea known for its light-steamed delicacy. Originating from the first flush of the Sae Midori clone, this tea is a rare find, introduced to our collection in 2017. It quickly became a favorite for its profound umami taste and rich aroma, distinguishing itself from more heavily steamed varieties.

        The lighter steaming process of this Asamushi version enhances its aromatic qualities and flavor, offering a tea experience that is both nuanced and refreshing. Each sip delivers a vibrant burst of flavor, perfectly balancing invigoration and relaxation.

        Packaged in nitrogen-flushed bags to maintain optimal freshness, each 100-gram package of this green tea is designed for connoisseurs who treasure exceptional quality.

        Due to high demand and limited quantities, Organic Sae Midori Asamushi is often sold out by December each year. We encourage you to secure your portion of this exceptional tea soon, ensuring a special place in your tea repertoire.

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            Tokoname Shiboridashi Teapot

            Discover the artistry of our Shiboridashi teapot, meticulously handcrafted in Tokoname Prefecture, Japan. This teapot is exquisitely tailored for gyokuro enthusiasts, accommodating the specific brewing requirements of this luxurious loose-leaf green tea. Known for its need for lower temperatures and higher tea-to-water ratios, gyokuro finds a perfect match in this teapot's design, which ensures optimal flavor extraction and precise temperature control during multiple infusions.

            The Shiboridashi teapot's compact size, measuring 10.5 cm wide by 5.3 cm tall and holding approximately 100ml (3.4 ounces), is ideally suited for preparing individual cups of tea. Its unique design foregoes a traditional filter basket, featuring instead a narrow gap between the teapot’s body and the lid, which aids in a smooth pour while effectively retaining larger tea leaves, such as those of gyokuro and light-steamed asamushi sencha. This thoughtful feature makes it especially suited for teas requiring room to expand without escaping into the brew.

            Please note, due to its specific features, this teapot is recommended for larger leaf teas and may not be suitable for finer leaf varieties like fukamushi-cha, which could slip through the gap.

            Crafted with an eye for both beauty and functionality, each Shiboridashi teapot is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Tokoname artisans. Due to the handcrafted nature of these teapots, slight variations from the images shown are to be expected, each piece adding a unique character to your tea brewing rituals.

            Ideal for those deeply invested in the nuances of green tea, particularly gyokuro, this Shiboridashi teapot promises a refined brewing experience, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetic sensibilities.

            How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions!

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                Shiboridashi Teapot for Green Tea

                Experience the unparalleled quality of our handcrafted Shiboridashi teapot from Tokoname Prefecture, Japan. This exquisite teapot is increasingly rare and highly sought after by tea connoisseurs, especially those who appreciate the delicate nuances of brewing gyokuro, the most luxurious and costly type of loose-leaf green tea. Designed to brew at lower temperatures with a double amount of loose leaves, this teapot is perfect for extracting the subtle flavors and deep umami characteristic of gyokuro.

                The Shiboridashi teapot's small size is purposefully designed to hold about 60ml (2 ounces) of water, making it ideal for preparing just one or two small cups at a time. This allows for multiple, concentrated infusions, each capturing the essence of the tea. The unique design features a thin gap between the inner body of the teapot and the lid, eliminating the need for a traditional filter basket and enhancing the infusion process for larger leaf teas like gyokuro and light-steamed asamushi sencha.

                It’s important to note that due to its specific design, this teapot is best suited for larger leaf teas and not recommended for fine leaf particles like those found in deep-steamed green tea (fukamushi-cha).

                Each Shiboridashi teapot is a testament to the artisan's skill, with attention to detail that might not be immediately apparent but significantly enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Given the handcrafted nature of these teapots, slight variations from the images shown may occur, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

                For those deeply engaged in the art of tea, particularly gyokuro enthusiasts, our Shiboridashi and Houhin teapots offer an optimal brewing tool, combining traditional craftsmanship with effective modern design.

                How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions!

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                • A Tsuen Tea!

                    Uji Sencha Ujibashi San no Ma

                    We are delighted to present the exceptional Uji Sencha "Ujibashi San no Ma" from Tsuen Tea, Japan’s oldest teashop with an uninterrupted legacy spanning over 860+ years on the scenic banks of the Uji River. This premium sencha is crafted exclusively from select 100% Uji-grown Yabukita leaves harvested during the first flush and is characterized by its light steaming process (asamushi) which enhances its natural, grassy aroma and flavor.

                    "Ujibashi San no Ma" is a testament to the elegance and refinement of traditional Japanese green tea. Its sophisticated profile and sublime aroma make it a standout choice for those seeking to experience the very best of what Japan's renowned tea culture has to offer.

                    Now available in 100-gram packages, this is your opportunity to savor a truly classic green tea that reflects centuries of craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Do not miss the chance to enjoy "Ujibashi San no Ma" and indulge in a quintessential Japanese green tea experience.

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                    • Handcrafted!

                        Glazed Teapot for Green Tea

                        Introducing our exquisite handcrafted glazed teapot from Tokoname, Japan, renowned for its quality ceramic craftsmanship. This teapot is beautifully designed with a tall, slim profile, making it particularly well-suited for brewing deep-steamed (fukamushi) green tea, as its shape helps accommodate the finer tea particles typical of this style.

                        Featuring a finely meshed, removable stainless steel infuser basket, this teapot combines traditional aesthetics with modern convenience, facilitating easy cleaning and efficient tea steeping. While it is optimized for deep and medium-steamed green teas, this versatile teapot can also brew gyokuro or light-steamed green teas in a pinch. However, for those particular teas, which require ample room for leaf expansion, a different style of teapot might be preferable. For enthusiasts who primarily brew these types of teas, we recommend exploring our Asamushi, Gyokuro, and Light-Steamed Teapots category for more suitable options.

                        With a capacity of 370ml (12.5 oz), this teapot is perfect for serving several cups of your favorite green tea, making it both a practical and beautiful addition to your tea brewing collection.

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                        • ¥3,700 JPY
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                        Sorry, we only have 7 of that item available
                        • Organic

                            Organic Kabusecha Sae Midori

                            Premium Organic Sae Midori Kabusecha Green Tea

                            Delight in the refined taste of Premium Organic Sae Midori Kabusecha Green Tea from Kirishima City, Kagoshima. This premium green tea is harvested from the first flush of young leaves, ensuring a fresh and vibrant flavor. Cultivated under 45% shade for 14 to 20 days before harvest, this special kabusecha blends the best qualities of both sencha and gyokuro into a uniquely flavorful experience.

                            Why Choose Premium Organic Sae Midori Kabusecha Green Tea?

                            This light-steamed (asamushi) tea comes from the rare Sae Midori clone, making it a unique find, especially when processed in kabusecha form. It offers a sweeter, less astringent taste than traditional sencha, complemented by a vibrant green color that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Ideal for those who appreciate a milder green tea, this blend provides a robust flavor profile without overpowering astringency.

                            Unmatched Freshness and Quality

                            Packaged in nitrogen-flushed bags to ensure ultimate freshness, our Premium Organic Sae Midori Kabusecha Green Tea is available in 100-gram packages. Brew it just as you would a regular sencha and savor the exquisite balance of this exceptional green tea.

                            Experience the Best of Both Worlds

                            Enjoy the best qualities of sencha and gyokuro in one cup. This tea is perfect for green tea enthusiasts looking for a premium, organic option with a unique flavor profile.

                            Don't miss out on this extraordinary tea—order your Premium Organic Sae Midori Kabusecha Green Tea today and elevate your tea-drinking experience!

                            Score: 4.8 (votes: 19)
                            Reviews: 17
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                            • Handcrafted!

                                Arita Teapot "Kohiki Budō"

                                Introducing the Arita Teapot "Kohiki Budou," a high-quality handcrafted teapot from Arita, Japan, renowned for its ceramic artistry. This exquisitely designed teapot is ideally suited for the art of brewing green tea, providing an exceptional tea experience with every use. Its compact size makes it perfect for serving single cups, ensuring a fresh and flavorful brew each time.

                                The "Kohiki Budou" features a uniquely designed infuser screen that is deep rather than wide and is fully removable. This thoughtful design allows the wet tea leaves to drain completely after each infusion, preventing them from sitting in moisture at the bottom of the teapot. This not only enhances the flavor and quality of the tea but also extends the life of the leaves for multiple infusions.

                                With a capacity of 250ml (8.5oz), this teapot combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with functional modern design, making it a beautiful and practical choice for any tea lover.

                                Score: 5.0 (votes: 8)
                                Reviews: 8
                                • ¥4,000 JPY
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                                • A Tsuen Tea!

                                    Uji Sencha Aoi

                                    We are delighted to offer the exquisite Uji Sencha "Aoi" from Tsuen Tea, the most historic teashop in Japan. Celebrated for its premium quality, this sencha is made from the finest first-harvest yabukita leaves, ranking just behind the renowned San no Ma in Tsuen's esteemed lineup. Lightly steamed to preserve its vibrant, grassy aroma, "Aoi" captures the refreshing spirit of spring in each cup.

                                    Sourced from the picturesque banks of the Uji River, "Aoi" is a testament to the art of Japanese green tea craftsmanship. Every sip delivers a refined taste, steeped in tradition and superior quality, essential for any tea enthusiast’s collection.

                                    Packaged in 100-gram portions, Uji Sencha "Aoi" invites you to partake in one of the finest tea experiences Japan has to offer. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in this exceptional sencha and elevate your tea-drinking ritual.

                                    Score: 4.9 (votes: 18)
                                    Reviews: 15
                                    • ¥2,900 JPY
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