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        Uji Sencha Otsūsan is proud to offer the beloved Tsuen blend "Otsūsan," a karigane sencha from Japan’s oldest tea shop, Tsuen Tea, located in Uji. Esteemed as one of the most popular green teas at the Tsuen tea shop, Otsūsan is a special proprietary blend crafted from Yabukita breed karigane sencha. Enhanced with stems from gyokuro leaves, this tea boasts a unique tartness and sharpness in flavor, distinctively setting it apart.

        Otsūsan is known for being a bit sweeter and greener than its counterpart, the Musashi blend, providing a delightfully vibrant tea experience. Its refined sweetness and pronounced green tea characteristics make it a favorite among both new enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs.

        Invite the taste of Uji, Japan, into your home with a 100-gram package of Otsūsan. Experience the unique tart and sharp flavors of this esteemed green tea. Try it today and discover why it stands as a highlight in the Tsuen tea lineup.

        This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

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            Uji Sencha Musashi

   is delighted to offer the exclusive Tsuen blend "Musashi" from Japan’s oldest teashop, now available in a generous 140-gram package. This unique proprietary blend features karigane sencha made from the Yabukita breed, enhanced with stems from gyokuro leaves, which infuse the tea with a distinctively strong astringency and a sharp, tart flavor profile.

            Musashi is crafted for those who appreciate a robust green tea experience. It shares similarities with Tsuen’s Otsūsan but offers less sweetness and more astringency, catering to connoisseurs who prefer their tea with a bit more bite. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Japanese green teas or looking to expand your palate, Musashi is a remarkable choice that stands out for its intensity and depth.

            Try Musashi today and consider taking advantage of our convenient automatic monthly delivery service, ensuring you never run out of your favorite robust green tea.

            Score: 4.9 (votes: 14)
            Reviews: 14
            • ¥1,800 JPY
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                Uji Sencha Aoi

                We are delighted to offer the exquisite Uji Sencha "Aoi" from Tsuen Tea, the most historic teashop in Japan. Celebrated for its premium quality, this sencha is made from the finest first-harvest yabukita leaves, ranking just behind the renowned San no Ma in Tsuen's esteemed lineup. Lightly steamed to preserve its vibrant, grassy aroma, "Aoi" captures the refreshing spirit of spring in each cup.

                Sourced from the picturesque banks of the Uji River, "Aoi" is a testament to the art of Japanese green tea craftsmanship. Every sip delivers a refined taste, steeped in tradition and superior quality, essential for any tea enthusiast’s collection.

                Packaged in 100-gram portions, Uji Sencha "Aoi" invites you to partake in one of the finest tea experiences Japan has to offer. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in this exceptional sencha and elevate your tea-drinking ritual.

                Score: 4.9 (votes: 18)
                Reviews: 15
                • ¥2,900 JPY
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                Sorry, we only have 12 of that item available
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                    Uji Matcha Taiko-San

                    We didn't think we would ever be able to offer another matcha comparable to the famous Manten we currently carry; yet it has come to pass! Like Manten, we realize Uji Matcha Taiko-San is an expensive matcha and we make no bones about it - this is about as an exclusive matcha as you will ever find. If you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, however, then your search is over! Until obtained this gem from Japan's oldest teashop, this matcha had never been sold outside of Japan.

                    A few words about this item...

                    The farm where Taiko-San is grown is known as "Taikou-tsutsumi" and is located not too far from our supplier Tsuen tea's shop in Uji Japan. The area is both a tea farm as well as an archaeological site. The matcha is produced in this small field by the river beside an ancient levee, which is being studied for its construction methods. The grower, Mr. Fukui, farms several strains of tea in this plot and he adjusts the blend every year according to the plants condition to create the specific flavor. As with Manten, the plot is small and the yield is limited.

                    This handpicked tea has an abundance of umami, which has been described by Tsuen as sweet with a hint of bitter and having a fresh green smell. The color is a rich and dark, very intense green froth. Compared with Manten, this matcha has a more masculine taste. Again, the grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade so the supply is extremely limited. will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which may be very hit and miss. Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item the grower will never be able to increase his production. There is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. As with matcha Manten, is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koicha (matcha which can be made thick) is sweeter, milder tasting than usucha (the normal matcha which is made in a thinner consistency). Because twice the amount of tea powder is used to make a thicker tea, a milder, less bitter product is required. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true thick style matcha. Taiko-san, along with Manten, however, is one of those.

                    If you wish to brew this in a thick manner, you may want to consider obtaining a tea whisk made especially for koicha

                    Net Weight 30gm

                    Score: 5.0 (votes: 26)
                    Reviews: 22
                    • ¥6,200 JPY
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                        Shirakawa Gyokuro

                        We are proud to present the prestigious Uji Shirakawa Gyokuro, the highest grade of gyokuro available from Tsuen Tea, Japan’s oldest continuously operating tea shop located in Uji near Kyoto. This limited-edition gyokuro is a testament to our commitment to providing only the finest teas. It is a rare opportunity for us to share such an exceptional product, sourced directly from the Tsuen family who have been serving quality teas by the Uji river since 1160.

                        Cultivated in the revered Shirakawa region, this gyokuro is a product of meticulous care and traditional methods. Shade-grown before harvesting, it boasts a richer green color and a sweeter flavor, distinct characteristics of top-tier gyokuro. This tea is especially rare, made entirely from hand-picked Gokou cultivar leaves and shaded using traditional straw and reed screens, rather than modern shade cloth.

                        This "old school" approach to tea cultivation not only enhances its quality but also its authenticity. Uji Shirakawa Gyokuro is not typically recommended for beginners due to its sophisticated brewing requirements. It's a connoisseur’s choice, perfect for those who have mastered the art of brewing gyokuro and appreciate its delicate nuances.

                        Available in 30-gram packages, this exquisite gyokuro is for those looking to indulge in one of the finest green teas Japan has to offer. Visit our read our, how to brew gyokuro page for detailed brewing instructions and prepare to be captivated by this luxurious tea experience.

                        Score: 4.8 (votes: 12)
                        Reviews: 12
                        • ¥4,280 JPY
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                            Uji Sencha Ujibashi San no Ma

                            We are delighted to present the exceptional Uji Sencha "Ujibashi San no Ma" from Tsuen Tea, Japan’s oldest teashop with an uninterrupted legacy spanning over 860+ years on the scenic banks of the Uji River. This premium sencha is crafted exclusively from select 100% Uji-grown Yabukita leaves harvested during the first flush and is characterized by its light steaming process (asamushi) which enhances its natural, grassy aroma and flavor.

                            "Ujibashi San no Ma" is a testament to the elegance and refinement of traditional Japanese green tea. Its sophisticated profile and sublime aroma make it a standout choice for those seeking to experience the very best of what Japan's renowned tea culture has to offer.

                            Now available in 100-gram packages, this is your opportunity to savor a truly classic green tea that reflects centuries of craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Do not miss the chance to enjoy "Ujibashi San no Ma" and indulge in a quintessential Japanese green tea experience.

                            Score: 4.6 (votes: 19)
                            Reviews: 16
                            • ¥3,700 JPY
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                            • High Theanine!

                                Uji Gyokuro Yume no Ukihashi

                       proudly presents one of the highest grades of gyokuro available, Uji Gyokuro "Yume no Ukihashi," a treasure from Tsuen Tea, Japan’s oldest continuously operating tea shop situated on the historic banks of the Uji river since 1160. This exquisite first flush gyokuro is meticulously handpicked and crafted from a proprietary blend of the "Gokou" and "Yabukita" green tea cultivars, with "Gokou" taking a prominent role.

                                Renowned for its cultivation under shade, this gyokuro offers a richer green hue and a distinctly sweeter taste compared to other green teas. The delicate and refined flavor profile of Uji Gyokuro "Yume no Ukihashi" promises an enchanting tea experience that, once mastered, is sure to captivate any tea enthusiast.

                                This connoisseur-grade gyokuro is sophisticated in its complexity and is not typically recommended for beginners. To fully appreciate its unique qualities, be sure to follow our specific brewing instructions, tailored to enhance this gyokuro's exceptional characteristics.

                                Available in 100g packages, Uji Gyokuro "Yume no Ukihashi" invites you to partake in a luxurious journey through the rich heritage and refined tastes of one of the finest green teas in the world.

                                Score: 5.0 (votes: 16)
                                Reviews: 14
                                • ¥6,000 JPY
                                • 60   – Reward points
                                Sorry, we only have 3 of that item available
                                • A Tsuen Tea!
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                                    Uji Gyokuro Fujitsubo

                           proudly presents Gyokuro "Fujitsubo," sourced directly from the venerable Tsuen family, proprietors of Japan's oldest tea shop nestled along the picturesque banks of the Uji River. This exceptional Uji Gyokuro "Fujitsubo" represents the pinnacle of high-quality, first flush gyokuro. It is crafted from a proprietary blend, with Sae Midori green tea leaves taking prominence over Yabukita, creating a superbly balanced flavor profile.

                                    Renowned for its cultivation under shade, gyokuro boasts a richer green color and a naturally sweeter taste compared to other green teas. Mastering its brewing process is an art form that rewards patience and precision with a uniquely gratifying tea experience. We encourage you to follow our detailed brewing instructions specifically tailored for gyokuro to fully appreciate its depth and character.

                                    Available in 100g packages, Gyokuro "Fujitsubo" offers a luxurious tea experience that can become a lifelong passion for those who appreciate its refined qualities.

                                    Score: 4.9 (votes: 13)
                                    Reviews: 11
                                    • ¥4,420 JPY
                                    • 44   – Reward points
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                                    • A Tsuen Tea!
                                    • Unique!

                                        Organic Hōjicha

                                        Introducing our Organic Hōjicha from Uji, Japan, a uniquely roasted green tea that transforms into a delightful red hue with an enticing flavor profile. The roasting process not only enhances its taste but also significantly reduces its caffeine content, making it a popular choice in Japan for hospital patients and children alike.

                                        This Hōjicha is exceptionally versatile and is known for its refreshing qualities, especially when served iced—a common practice in Japanese restaurants. Its distinct flavor and aroma provide a comforting, almost nostalgic tea experience, appealing to tea lovers of all ages.

                                        Certified organic, our Hōjicha adheres to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Each batch is carefully packaged in nitrogen-filled bags to preserve freshness and ensure that the rich, smoky essence of the tea is maintained.

                                        Each package contains 100 grams of this exquisite tea, inviting you to savor its refined and unique character. Whether you're a longtime tea enthusiast or new to the world of Japanese teas, our Organic Hōjicha offers a taste experience that's both invigorating and soothing.

                                        Score: 4.9 (votes: 16)
                                        Reviews: 14
                                        • ¥1,000 JPY
                                        • 10   – Reward points
                                        Sorry, we only have 17 of that item available
                                        • A Tsuen Tea!
                                        • Rare!

                                            Uji Matcha Manten

                                            Introducing Uji Matcha Manten, an unparalleled matcha offering that stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of matcha. Since its debut on in the mid-2000s, Uji Matcha Manten has been a coveted treasure previously unavailable outside of Japan and remains an exclusive online offering through our site.

                                            Upon experiencing this matcha, you'll be captivated by its intensely aromatic nature—the first hint of its superior quality. Sourced from a grower in Uji with a very limited production, this matcha is a rarity, supplied mainly to the local market. The availability of Manten is sporadic, making each batch a precious find.

                                            The grower, a renowned figure in the Uji tea community and an accomplished author on the cultivation of Tencha (the precursor to matcha), has won numerous awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. His meticulous care and traditional methods ensure that Manten offers a unique taste profile that is unmatched, often chosen by tea ceremony instructors who demand only the best.

                                            Manten is ideally suited for koicha (thick matcha), which is sweeter and milder than the more common usucha (thin matcha). This exquisite quality is derived from tea plants that are at least 30 years old, necessary for achieving the less bitter, profoundly rich flavor required for koicha. While Manten can be prepared as usucha, its exceptional properties are best expressed when served thick.

                                            Each 30-gram package of Uji Matcha Manten offers a chance to indulge in a matcha experience that transcends ordinary. 

                                            For those preparing it as koicha, consider pairing it with a specialized 48 prong tea whisk designed for this luxurious thick style matcha.

                                            Score: 4.9 (votes: 30)
                                            Reviews: 27
                                            • ¥5,800 JPY
                                            Out of stock

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